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Cardio is short for cardiovascular, which refers to the heart. Cardiovascular exercise is exercise that raises your heart rate and keeps it elevated for a period of time. Another name for it is aerobic exercise. The kinds of exercise that are associated with cardiovascular workouts are things like jogging, fast walking, and swimming where there is no break in the routine. Exercises that emphasize stretch and strength, like Pilates, are generally not considered cardio exercise, though Pilates can be done in a cardio way, and can certainly be combined with cardio workouts to great effect.


Ever wondered if your workout is, well, working for you? Whether you're a longtime gym rat or just starting to exercise, it can be extremely rewarding to measure your progress. While most people focus on weight loss, the number on the scale doesn't measure athleticism and is a questionable measure of good health.


The overwhelming response to the various styles of aerobics that Chennai offers is self explanatory. We are the only fitness studio in Chennai that offers the most no of aerobic instructions and techniques right from Pilates, Yoga, Aqua Zumba, Zumba, Kick Boxing, Martial Arts, Body Combat, Body Pump, Body jam, Bollywood Free Style, hiphop, jazz, Body attack, Dancercise to high/low aerobics.


A steam room induces hyperthermia, a condition in which your body is hotter than usual, something akin to fever. The difference is that heat induced by a steamroom setting is healthier. The body’s natural reaction in a high-temperature setting is to sweat in order to regulate heat and for you to keep in shape.A steam bath experience can also be relaxing. It is because it eases tension, and we aren’t just talking about the psychological kind. Aside from the fact that getting the toxins flushed out will make you feel better, a steam bath can ease muscle tensions and relax those stiff muscles